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Posted by Alle on October 08, 2006 at 10:19:52:

In Reply to: Re: Veronica mars WITH spoilers this time... posted by Jade on October 08, 2006 at 07:26:45:

: : : : : : I just watched the first 5 minutes because I had a bit of time to kill, but I know better than to get any further into it than that....

: : : : : : so what do you think of the newly styled intro? I think I liked it better before....

: : : : : : Jade

: : : : :

: : : : :
: : : : : I liked the old intro better. However, I had heard rumors that they were going to use a different song, and so was happy to still hear The Dandy Warhols.

: : : :
: : : : um, ok, so now I'm confused... probably mainly just because it's been a long time since I've watched season 2. I remember something about Kendall paying Keith for something... But who's the guy Keith picked up from prison? who's the brother they were talking about? what the hell's going on?

: : : : *l* am I supposed to be confused, or have I just forgotten some stuff?

: : : : Jade
: : :
: : : I was going to post about that as well b/c I don't remember any of it either. I do know the brother is one of those bad news Irish gang guys, but I have no idea what their beef is with Kendall or why she had so much money yadda yadda yadda.

: :

: : That was Cormac (I think) Fitzpatrick from the Irish crime gang. Keith apparently helped Cordy...errrr..Kendell hide away, and then when Cormac got parolled, he took him to her. I wonder if he really killed her though? We didn't see a body. I am hoping that Vinnie is indeed following Keith, and highly doubt that the Fitzpatricks have hired Vinnie...he doesn't seem their type, so I'm hoping he does indeed rescue Keith.

: ok, but what connection does Kendall have with the Fitzpatricks? Her money would have come from Dick and Beaver's dad, wouldn't it? But why was she hiding? *sigh* still confused!

I need to rewatch season 2 but she was linked to the Fitzpatricks before she started using the name Kendell...I forget what her real name was. Anyhow, she knew Liam Fitzpatrick and was dating one of them...I guess Cormac. My mind is fuzzy on the details, heh

: : : I didn't care for the new intro.

: : : I don't think Dick is the rapist.

: : Errr...I highly doubt it since the rapist has been active at Hearst since last season when Dick was still in HS. Was it inferred that he was? Did I watch this half asleep? It is possible...I was still pretty jet lagged...

: *l* of course he's not the rapist. Dick is ... well, a dick, but not a head-shaving-rapist type.

: : : It was good to see V and L together again. Probably won't last long. Could Piz really be her new love interest? Yuck!

: :

: : I would HATE it if they go there...Piz has no Pizazz, heh.

: I agree, icky. And is he supposed to be racist? it seemed like it must be something like that when he first met Wallace, but then he seemed to chill out.

He made some weird comment to Wallace about having asked specifically not to room with one of them...then elaborated that he meant 'someone better looking', which would be hard as Piz ain't so great. I think he was trying to be funny...Wallace doesn't seem to have any problems with him.

: : : Was fun to see L wearing blue for a change. I read that in the beginning to avoid confusion L was only allowed to wear greens and browns and Duncan had to wear blues so fans could tell them apart. It would have been nice to know that for the first few episdoes because I couldn't tell any of those preppy boys apart.

: :

: : *l* I didn't know they did that...pretty funny!

: that is pretty funny! *lol* I don't think I ever had any trouble telling Logan and Duncan apart, but all the characters were a bit of a blur in the beginning...

: : : I also didn't get some of the Mac stuff.
: :

: : Such as?

: : : We know Vinnie had a bug on Keith. I guess he will save him?

: : :

: well, naturally... *l* but yeah, is Vinnie working for another Fitzpatrick?

: and c'mon, he was so obvious with the briefcase thing, even I knew he planted something! honestly, Keith, I'm disappointed! *g*

: so is this rapist thing going to be a major storyline? I can't remember, did Veronica solve the last hair-shaving case? I remember she cleared a guy of not being guilty....

: Jade

She was only able to prove that her ex bf did NOT do the rape, leaving the storyline open for this year. I think I read somewhere that there will be 3 mysteries this year instead of one season long one, and that the rapist case would be the first of the three.


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