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Posted by Alle on November 03, 2006 at 06:46:51:

In Reply to: Re: Veronica Mars spoilers through last episode posted by jana on November 03, 2006 at 05:17:36:

: :

: : Ok, so I'm guessing Claire wasn't really raped. I'm guessing she decided to take try and force the various male groups on campus to take a hit by shaving her head and crying rape. Either that, or Wang has some serious issues with the difference between "girlfriend" and "rape victim." The Lilith group is so hard core that I wouldn't doubt them setting up something like that.

: : How many of the rapes are fake, then? It seemed like Parker was really raped so maybe Claire is the only fake one. She sure was mad when VM proved it wasn't the frat house, though. Wouldn't she want the real rapist caught?

: I don't think any of the other rapes were fake. I didn't even think of the fake rape theory until you said it, good thinking! It really sounds like you could be on to something. I guess the only other option is that Claire realized too late that her boyfriend had something to do with it, and now is trying to cover for him or something. I can't think of any reason Parker would have to fake her rape, and the changes in her character pre and post rape seem pretty realistic. I suppose she could be a really good actress and faking all of it, but I don't know why she would be. I think she was mad at Veronica because she needs somebody to be mad at. If she believed that the frat guys were guilty, and they were punished for it, then she could get some kind of closure and believe that campus was safe again. Irrational, maybe, as that feeling of closure and safety would only last until the next rape, if it's not the guilty party who's caught, but I don't think she's thinking very rationally right now. She needs somebody to blame. When Veronica made the point about needing to see the actual guilty person punished, she did look somewhat chastened, and like she maybe took the point.

: : I was excited to see VM and Logan together again, but they have much more chemistry apart than together.

: I'm saddened to agree with you, but I kind of do.

: : What's going to happen with Wallace? I don't think VM will be able to fix that since we know he's guilty.

: : What happened to Weevil! Yikes! He forgot to go to the gym over the summer. It was going to be so cool with him working for Keith, but I guess that would have taken him out of the action too much.

: : Was Wallace's roommate the really obnoxious guy in that social experiement a few weeks back? What a jackass.

: We haven't seen that guy since that particular episode (you mean the obnoxious self proclaimed ringleader of the guards, right?). I know we haven't because I recognized him from Boy Meets World, ha. I don't think that the guy from this week's episode was supposed to be his roommate, just a friend. What happened to his roommate, anyways? Has Piz from Beaverton even been in any episodes since the first one? Oh wait, right, he was in the one with the playbook, he was the one who introduced Veronica to the crime of the week because he wanted to be on that radio show. He's been pretty forgettable so far, I wonder if he's ever going to get anything to do. I hope so, just as long as it's not "make out with Veronica."

Wallace's roomt is named Piz, and he's the one who hosted the radio talk show that had the Lilith girls and the obnoxious campus newspaper was during the talk show that the Lilith girls recieved the text that Calire had been raped. i would not be surprised if Claire's was fake, but am pretty sure the others were not. The obnoxious guard hasn't been seen again.

I don't know that Wallace actually cheated...he MAY have written a confession...something to the effect that he had intended to cheat, bought the test etc. I don't know...I think I'm reaching here. *l* But surely Wallace would be smart enough to not be the first one to turn in the test when he cheated?

I adored Cliff and Lamb in this episode! And when Lamb is doing'The Robot', you can hear one of the officers saying in the background 'Sheriff's doing the robot, get the camera phone' or words to that effect. i was cracking up at that. And when he tells Logan 'I'll come back for you later good looking'. *lol*

Also loved that Veronica snatched her necklace back from that atrocious brat.


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