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Posted by Alle on November 03, 2006 at 17:46:00:

In Reply to: Re: Eragon posted by Genia on November 03, 2006 at 11:45:02:

: : : So. Anyone read the Eragon series? Is it any good? Should I read the book and eagerly anticipate the movie? I was dreading the potential boredom of a fantasy free holiday season but I'm hoping there's a reason to be excited! Anyone know of anything else coming out? Epic Fantasy, Historical Epic, anything epic?

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: : Well, I read Eragon and thought it was really, really bad. Definitely felt that it was derivative of every fantasy cliche out there, and the characters were very poorly fleshed out. As it was written by a kid, it doesn't come as any surprise though, and I'll give the author a lot of credit for finishing it. Not sure why its so wildly popular, but my taste usually differs from what is 'popular'. At the request of my niece, I took up the second book, and couldn't get through it at all. Anyway, the movie could very well be much better than the book!

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: From what I have seen of it - and, I'll grant you, it was very little - it reads like a terrible Tolkienesque rehash. The movie sounds like LoTR Reborn, with all that implies. I'll grant the author his age, but nonetheless... at fifteen I, for one, certainly didn't think in cliches. I have to say though I am more scornful of the publisher who jumped on this book as if it were some sort of find, and didn't flat out tell the guy to 'please try again later'.

Well...they are probably extremely happy not to have rejected it...its made a ton of money and is a best seller. The job is not so much to publish what one thinks is quality, but what one thinks will sell. This did. There is no accounting for what/how/why something becomes popular. Sadly, thousands of truly talented authors are never published or ignored. Oh well.

: That's why they have the '/Reject' option. Rather than curbing decent new authors with good ideas, I wish they would use it to sift nonsense like that.

: And I only recently discoverred there's at least three parts to it! Yegods...

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