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Welcome to the rules page of the Fantasy Freaks Forum. This community was created May 30, 1999 with the intention of being a friendly discussion place for various fantasy books, though it is certainly not limited to that topic (check out a brief history of the FFF HERE). We welcome all new members! Most of us know each other very well, which can be intimidating for new members, but don't be scared. We don't practice elitism and we are friendly to newbies--sometimes newbies say we are too friendly! We really enjoy new blood as long as said new blood takes the time to read the rules and follow them. Thanks for your co-operation.

I hope no more rules are necessary, but these are subject to change at any time if I feel they need to.

There is also a mailing list we have set up in case of emergencies. It is intended for use when the site is down so we can inform you of where to go or what is going on. It's totally anonymous, so no one but Caly and Louis will see any of the addresses on this list and no one else on the list will be able to mail you through it. You can subscribe or unsubscribe using the box below.

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