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The Adept by Katherine Kurtz & Deborah Turner Harris

Review by Alleandra

The World:
Set in the present day, this book's action takes place primarily in Scotland.

From the jacket:
"He is Sir Adam Sinclair; nobleman, physician, scholar and Adept. A man of learning and power, he practices ancient arts unknown to the 20th century. He has lived many lives, but his mission remains the same: to protect the light from those who would tread the Dark Roads."

Sir Adam Sinclair is the main character of this book, with supporting roles by his long time friend Noel McLeod. Sir Adam is a doctor, McLeod a detective; both are actually more then that. The third main character is young Peregrine Lovat, a gifted artist who is struggling against an otherworldly type power with which he was born, and which is driving him mad.

The Plot:
The story begins with the theft of a famous sword…The Hepburn sword, a relic of the "Wizard Earl" of Bothwell who died in 1624. Other, even more famous relics with alleged magical properties are also being stolen.

Adam, in conjunction with McLeod, enlist young Lovat to their cause to try and find out if there is more behind these thefts then common thievery. And of course there is, and that is what makes the story more then a regular who-dunit mystery.

The book has its moments of suspense, and is interesting at times. However, the blandness of its main characters detracts. Even the villains are bland…yes they commit murder and are evil, but they are never really frightening to me. They are all 2 dimensional. Kurtz is a good, solid author, but I do not feel she was near her best with this book.

3 out of 5 amulets

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