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The Great Book of Amber by Roger Zelanzy

Review by Alleandra

First of all, the GBoA needs to be broken out. It is actually 2 complete series. The action takes place in and around Amber, and all the 'shadow' worlds that exist. There is a problem with the succession in Amber, and that is where it all begins...

The first 5 books introduces the reader to Amber. It is the story of Corwin, told from his POV. Although I normally do not like first person narratives, this one is very well done.

We first meet Corwin as he awakens in a hospital, and discovers he has amnesia. There is nary a dull moment after that, as Corwin struggles to regain his memory, and all kinds of things happen. I do not want to give examples...the things that occur in this series are very imaginative and so different. It is lots of fun discovering all the weirdness oneself.

Of weirdness, there is plenty, and that is meant in a good sense. The things that occur are so different from what one reads in other fantasy books...it is a refreshing change. The books are very engaging, especially when Corwin and his family all get together. *g* Amberites are definitely an extremely cool race of beings.

The second series is told from the POV of a member of the younger generation. Also in first person, this series is even stranger then the first. Although one of the funniest moments happens in this series, on the whole, I did not think it was as good as Corwin's story. For one thing, the plot is kind of loose. The characters, although engaging, are not as 'complete' as the older generation in the first series. Still, the action is pretty much non-stop. The things that happen in this series are even more strange then in the first, but it all holds together somehow.

So, as far as Amulet ratings, with 5 (I think it was 5) being the highest.

The first series - 4.5 amulets
The second series- 4.0 amulets

This review is probably not very inspiring, since I have a hard time condensing plot points without giving anything away. But I highly recommend both series...it was a very fun, enjoyable read. Thank you very much Jarihn, for recommending that I get off my lazy behind and read these books!

If anyone who has read them wants to discuss, please let me know! Notorgo...I agree with your assessment about the 2nd series, btw. *s*


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