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Black Sun Rising by C. S. Friedman

Review by Alleandra

The World:
The planet Erna, some 40,000 years away from earth, where humans were sent out on ‘seedships’ to colonize other planets. Erna looks good on the surface for human survival, but there is an element, called the fae, that has odd, evil and lethal reactions with humans.

The Characters:
The main characters are a woman adept (one who has an inborn ability to use the fae) named Ciana, and her assistant Senzei, who is a sorcerer. He cannot “see” the fae, not being an adept, and it’s the one thing that he wants most in his life. They are joined by a priest/sorcerer named Damien , who can use the fae only for his church and only for Healing and similar purposes. Along the way, their path is crossed by the mysterious Gerald Tarrant.

The Plot:
Damien has come to the city of Jaggonath to join the church there. He meets Ciani and Senzei, who own a fae shop that sells charms and wards, etc. Damien becomes enamored of Ciani. But a creature that feeds upon adept’s souls attacks her, leaving her bereft of her power and memories. The three decide to go after and destroy these creatures, no matter what the danger, for it is the only way to restore Ciani. Besides, for Damien, he cannot allow such an evil to continue.

This book is very much plot driven, and enough strange, exciting and gruesome things happen to keep anyone interested. The characters are a bit weaker, in as the development isn’t all it could be. However, the character of Gerald Tarrant is such as to render any other weakness unimportant, at least through book 1. Much can be forgiven an author who pens a Gerald Tarrant.

4.5 out of 5

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