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The Changeling Sea by Patricia McKillip

Review by Alleandra

This book has been sitting in my stack of the Unread...which btw, is not a dark and gloomy place at all. The Unread stack ia a place of wonder and promise.*g*

The book jacket gives too many spoilers, so I am not going to include it here.

The World

The main character, a 15 year old daughter of a fisherman, is on an island and lives a simple life by the sea, which she has come to hate.

The Plot

Her father was taken by the sea, and her mother has become a shell of her former self, so its as if Peri has lost both parents. She works in an inn, which is busy in the summer, when the king and his followers come to their summer home.

But the king has a son, Kir, who is longing for the sea. And the fisher folk have been visited by a great sea creature with a collar of gold, and they want the gold for themselves. So they hire a mage to help them get the gold...It is up to Peri to help the prince, the sea creature, and the mage, although she is unsure of how exactly she can do this.

This McKillip work is simply and beautifully told. It is romantic and tinged with sadness, love and loss. It is one of her shorter works, 153 pages, and is instantly captivating. I give it 4.75 out of 5 amulets.

Sadly, this book is out of print. Kel...you would love it. I strongly suggest looking at www.half.com. Some of the bookstores that half.com ises do not require credit cards...you could perhaps get a money order? Are there local stores in your area that carry used books? Maybe they can get a copy in on special order? I do hope that you can get a copy, it is a lovely work.


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