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Dragon Bones by Patricia Briggs

Review by Alleandra

Young Ward of Hurog is the heir to the keep of Hurog, and is greatly hated by his own father. A big man, he plays dumb, with only a very few who know that it is just a ruse to keep his father from finishing him off; at one time he had been so severly beaten that he lost the bulk of his magical ability.

But his father is killed in an accident, and his uncle takes over the rule of Hurog as regent until Ward comes of age. But his father has one last play to keep Hurog from his son, and Ward loses his lands. Now, he must convince the very people he had been fooling for years that he is fit to rule. And that is not all...there is much political upheaval for the 5 Kingdoms of which Hurog is a part, due to the indifference of the cruel High King.

Dragon Bones is another nicely told story by Patricia Briggs. The plot is not a convoluted one, but she does have some interesting surprises. Her characters are varied and realistic enough, and she has a great sense of humor that permeates the narritive. While I did enjoy this book, I felt that the development of the main character was a bit too quick, and that certain others changed their behaviors a bit too suddenly as well. But in all, a good, solid effort. I did enjoy The Hob's Bargain more, but this followed closely in the amount of enjoyment. I really wish her other books were not out of print. Well, I don't mind them being out of print so much, since I could get them used, but they are way too expensive.

Rating: 4.25 amulets

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