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The False House by James Stoddard

Review by Alleandra

Ok, its been I while since I read this book (all the way back in January!) but...here goes!

In this sequel to The High House, the reader is once again returned to the world of the High House, which is a gateway not only to our own world, but to many others as well.

The hero, a young man by name of, Carter Anderson is older, and wiser in the usage of his power as Master of the High House. His major enemies, The Anarchists remain at large, and are ready to stir up trouble again.

The characters were never fully drawn out but were pleasant enough in the first book, and its plot and imaginative hijinks (a dinasaur in the attic!) made for a fun read. In the second outing, things seem more labored, and the 2 dimensional makeup of the characters is more glaring. We never really see any true depth of feeling between characters who supposedly fall in love, for example. The author says they are in love, and although we readers don’t experience their emotions, we must take the author’s word that this is so.

The plot of the False House is that the Anarchists have gained enough strength to replicate the High House itself, creating havoc of immense impact. And a little girl’s mysterious disappearance is somehow linked to the growing power of the False House. It is up to the House’ Master to put and end…but is it already too late?

All in all, this sequel gets 3.5 amulets out of 5. There are some good moments and it is worth a read, especially if one has already read the High House. James Stoddard has lots of promise as an author, hopefully his next work will see him realize his full potential.

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