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Fool's Errand (Book 1 of the Tawny Man Trilogy) by Robin Hobb

Review by Alleandra

The World:
Hobb takes us back to Buck

FitzChivalry Farseer, Nighteyes, The Fool, Fitz' adopted son Hap, Starling, Chade Fallstar, Dutiful, others

The Plot:
We pick up 15 years after Farseer leaves off. The story is once more told in first person from Fitz' point of view. Fitz is pretty much where we have left him; living the life of a recluse. He lives simply, and the only energy he seems to exert is on Hap's behalf. In fact, his main concern as we start is that he hasn't done enough to secure a good apprenticeship for Hap. Starling is Fitz' sometime lover, stopping by infrequently. He is startled from his life by the unexpected visit of Chade. This visit stirs up thoughts Fitz would rather stay buried, and he is very unsettled. This visit is followed by the arrival of Lord Golden, aka The Fool. His news coincides with Chade's misgivings, and eventually Fitz is persuaded to come back to Buck.

Ever since the Red Ship Wars, the bad feeling about Witted ones has grown. In some places they are brutally killed out of hand. The Queen is very concerned since not only is she Witted, but so his her young son. When Dutiful goes missing, its up to Fitz to try and locate him before the news that Dutiful is of the hated Witted Ones gets out.

Although this book gets off to a slow start, action-wise, I loved every bit of it. Hobb is on her game here, and Fitz' voice is as strong as ever.

4.95 out of 5

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