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The Ghatti’s Tale (book 1 of the Finders-Seekers Trilogy) by Gayle Greeno

Review by Alleandra

The World
A group of humans from Earth on an expedition to colonize a new planet were stranded on the world of Methuen several hundred years ago. The story takes place after the humans have been surviving and thriving on this world.

The success of their survival has depended upon adapting to their new planet. Residing there is a species that appears very much like a large cat, called the Ghatti. These beings “bond” with humans (actually 1 human per ghatti) and when the bond occurs, they can share each other’s thoughts through ‘mindspeaking’. Each pair of bondmates are coupled for their lifetime.

The Characters
Doyce and her ghatta Khar’pern, Jenret and his ghatt Rawn, Sa’am, the ghatt of Doyce’s former lover Oriel, may other more minor characters.

The Story
The story starts with the gruesome murder of Oriel, and the horrible transition that his ghatt Sa’am has to make after. The murder is odd, in that Seekers (what the humans are called when they bond) are respected and usually left alone. Seekers travel around the land, settling disputed and fights. The ghatti can truth-read the minds of those accused as well as the witnesses of a case, and telepathically communicate their reading to their bondmate, who then judges the case.

But there is something most peculiar about Oriel’s death that they are not telling Doyce. But Doyce really needs to seek this truth more then any other, as her own life depends upon it. Desperate to discover what is going on, Doyce reluctantly teams up with Jenret, the arrogant and handsome son of wealthy parents.

This book was often amusing to me. I picked it up because of the cover, and bought it because of the telepathic kitties…I am a huge cat lover myself. Gayle Greeno certainly is as well, she gives her ghatti’s many of the felines endearing qualities. While parts of the plot and story are often silly, the relationship between Doyce and Khar is very fun to read.

3.5 out of 5 amulets

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