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Lady in Gil by Rebecca Bradley

Review by Alleandra

I cannot believe I am writing a review so shortly after finishing the book...amazing!

Lady in Gil by Rebecca Bradley is a very humorous and well written book. The land of Gil, once the richest of countries was overrun by a barbaric people some 70 years before the story begins. The conquerers were unable to capture all of the royal family however, nor the Lady, the source of magic in Gil. The Lady can only be safely wielded by a member of the royal family.

The family and refugees relocate, and every so often, a member of the family is sent to Gil in an attempt to recover the Lady and overthrow the oppresers.

This brings us to the unlikely hero, Tigrallef. He is a scholar, not a Hero. The story is told from his perspective, and although, as most of you already know, I generally do not like first person narratives, this story grabbed me from the start. Although there was one nagging question that I had and that was not addressed, the plot was otherwise sound. The characters are well developed and the ending very unexpected.

All in all, a very good read. I give this book 4.5 amulets (out of 5.) Lady in Gil is a stand alone story, although there are 2 sequels. The first book is now available in the US, the other 2 have to be purchased from the uk. I have already ordered them both.

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