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Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Review by Alleandra

The World: The land of Ingary, one of the typical DWJ alternate worlds; the story takes place in and around Market Chipping

Characters: Sophie and her sisters Lettie and Martha, her step mother Fanny, the Witch of the Waste, Howl, his assistant Michael and Calcifer the Fire Demon

The Story: Sophie and her sister must find their fortunes after their father dies. Their stepmother finds apprenticeships for Lettie and Martha, while Sophie stays with her and slaves away in the hat shop. But soon, a strange person in an odd castle enter the lives of the townspeople. And Sophie is put under a spell by the Witch of the Waste, which causes her to do some unexpected things in order to break it.

Comments: This book is DWJ at her silly best. A lighthearted, frolicking story that is sometimes clever and always fun.

Rating: 4.25

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