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Jack, the Giant Killer by Charles De Lint

Review by Alleandra

I have heard so much about Charles de Lint, that I recently picked up Jack the Giant Killer. The volume also includes the sequel, but I received Lord of Emperor's by GGK, which immediately moved to the top of the stack. *g*

Anyway, I enjoyed Jack quite a bit. It is set in modern day Ottawa, and mixes in the realm of Faerie with todays world very well. Basically, the 'evil' group from Faerie are growing in strength, while the 'good' group grows ever weaker. Until a couple of mortal women stumble upon Faerie to help, things look pretty hopeless...

Although I do not think it was a great book, it was a nice enjoyable read. The plot was very simple, and the characters were not all that well developed, but it was lighthearted and fun.

The most intriguing character imo, was the Gruagagh of Kinrowan, a mysterious, brooding figure. He does not have a large part, unfortunately...I would have liked to see more of him.

I do want to read more works by deLint, in addition to drink Down the Moon. Does any DeLint fan here have some suggestions?


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