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The Disorderly Knights - Book 3 of The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett

Review by Alleandra

The World
This book backtracks a little to the time period ending with GoK, and then moves forward to pick up where QP left off. The action takes place in Malta, Tripoli, France and Scotland, with England also getting a bit part.

The Characters
Francis Crawford of Lymond & Sevigny, his brother Richard the Baron of Culter, their mother Sybilla. Joining the family Crawford this outing are: Kate Somerville and her daughter Philippa, Jerott Blythe and Graham Reid-Malett, Lione Strozzi and his brother (knights of the order of St John), GRM’s sister Joleta. Neighbors Sir Wat Scott, his wife Janet, Will Scott and his wife. The cast is very numerous, being littered with colorful people from many places.

The Story
The Knights Hospitallerss, an order existing to protect Christianity from the hands of the ‘heathens’ have long been interested in young Lymond. Their strongholds on Malta and Tripoli are under serious double threat from Suleiman the Magnificent and their own inept and corrupt leadership. One of the most brilliant of the knights, Sir Graham Reid-Malett also known as Gabriel, is anxious to have outside assistance from a source such as Lymond, and so Francis is dispatched to Malta to become embroiled in events that change the course of his life.

I deliberately leave the plot to be simple and sketchy at best, since I do not want to post spoilers. Once again, the story is fast paced and exciting, and extremely well researched. This is the first of the LC that is not a stand alone. If one reads this without reading the prior 2 books, one would certainly not have a good understanding of Francis. The events of this book, although concluded in a somewhat satisfactory way, make you want to run out and get Pawn in Frankincense immediately. Lymond is as offbeat, bratty and amusing as ever, and one of the slimiest and evilest of creatures is introduced in this volume. There are several stand out scenes including the siege of Tripoli, that are just rendered wonderfully real.

5 amulets

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