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The Ringed Castle - book 5 of The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett

Review by Alleandra

The World
The series continues with Francis now in Russia. Philippa has returned to Scotland, and later on moves to the English Court.

The Characters
Francis Crawford of Lymond & Sevigny, his men including Adam Blacklock, Alec Guthrie, Danny Hilsop, Ludo Hardcourt, others; Guzel, Tsar Ivan, Richard Diccon and his son Christopher, Philippa, Sybilla and Richard Crawford, many, many more.

The Story
After the harrowing conclusion faced in PiF, Francis Crawford turns away from Scotland and family and sets out to Russia. Tsar Ivanís Russia is primitive in many ways, and Francis, along with Guzel, feel that they can use their talents to bring the country into the 16th century. Itís the perfect solution for Lymond, who feels he can never face home again. Here he can be the power behind the throne, and yet not be actively harming Scotland.

Meanwhile Philippa has returned home with her startling news, and is sent to be one of Queen Maryís ladies. Here she becomes steeped in the many intrigues that swirl around the court. She also discovers some unsettling things about Mr. Crawford which she is determined to get to the bottom of.

Another fabulous book. The descriptions of Russia are marvelous, and the multiplayer plot keeps you enthralled. Again, Dunnett mixes in her great sense of humor to offset some of the bleaker happenings. Another one that kept me awake all night.

5 amulets

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