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Checkmate - Book 6 of The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett

Review by Alleandra

The World
France in 1557-58

The Characters
Francis Crawford of Lymond & Sevigny, Philippa, Jerrot Blythe and Marthe, Danny Hilsop, Adam Blacklock, Archie Abernathy, Pierro Strozzi, Lord Allandale, the King of France and his Queen, Marachel de St. Andre, her daughter Catherine, Mary Queen of Scotland (now aged 15), Richard Crawford and Sybilla, tons more.

The Story
Coerced to France when he would rather return to Russia, Francis Crawford had now been given power and position in the efforts to face down England. As he succeeds in his professional endeavors, his enemies engage in a ruthless plot to discredit him and his entire family. The secret of his past in fact is already taking its toll on him mentally and if it is discovered by the wrong parties, his own destruction would soon follow.

Another bravura performance from Lady Dunnett. Checkmate is steeped in political intrigue, gripping action and a romantic story. About halfway through, the real rollercoaster ride begins, and the reader is taken on a gut-wrenching ride that will once more leave them divided between laughter and tears. Everytime I finish this series, I fall into a complete reading stupor where all other books appear uninteresting and not worthy of being read. The recovery period has not significantly decreased after rereads either.

5 amulets

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