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Lady Pain by Rebecca Bradley

Review by Alleandra

Major spoilers for Lady in Gil and Scion's Lady!

The World:
Tig and his family have been traveling all over the planet, to places where outsiders have not been. They live on a small boat for the most part, but in this book, they once more return to Gil.

The Characters:
Vero, the narrator, is Tig's son. Tig's wife Calla and his young daughter. Shree is there of course as well.

The Plot:
The Lady has been inhabiting Tig for 20 years now, and although her presence keeps him forever young, impervious to any sickness or wounds, she is doing battle with Tig's mind and soul. She wants Tig to use her power, so that he can become an emperor like no other. Tig fights the torment she sends his way, because he knows that although his empire will start out good and enlightened, it will end up bloody and more oppressive then any before. And once he lets the Lady take him over, he, Tig, is lost forever.

The family has been traveling all over the world in search of knowledge of the one spell of banishment that will cause the Lady to leave Tig for good. It is not an easy or even fun life for the 2 children Tig and Calla have. Vero was conceived and born before the Lady became a part of Tig, but there is concern about the daughter, since she was conceived after. Over the years, Tig has become increasingly strange and difficult to live with.

Their travels take them back to Gil, where the old Primate believes Tig to have a 'remarkable' likeness to Scion Tigrallef, who has become a cult figure over the past 20 years. The Primate plots to use Tig and his family for his own intrigues for power, not really guessing the truth.

Rebecca Bradley's dry humor is prevalent once more in this, the third and last book of this series. Although I did not find it quite as engaging as her 2 previous books, it kept me well entertained. The pace is quick, and the characters (especially Tig) are so offbeat, that its would be difficult not to like the book.

I would love to read more of her work... hope she writes a new book soon!

4.1 out of 5

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