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The Moon and the Face by Patricia McKillip

Review by Alleandra

Although not one of Paticia McKillips's best books, 'The Moon and the Face' is an entertaining venture into Sci-Fi. The two main characters, Kyreol and Terje, come from a simple, primitive world called Riverworld. Since their discovery of higher technology and more advanced worlds elsewhere, they have determined that they could never return to their birthplace. But a series of events brings them face to face with their past. The sci-fi elements are not very hi-tech, they seem alomost incedental, so hard core sci-fi fans beware. The focus is more on the characters.

This story is told with the lyrical and eloquent use of language that is typical of McKillip. It contains elements of romance and action, and is recommended.

Out of 5 Amulets, this gets 4. As I said, it is not her best outing, but is still superior to many others. This book is out of print, and may only be purchased used. I was able to find a copy through the B&N.com used book store for a good price.

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