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Moonheart by Charles de Lint

Review by Alleandra

In this tale of modern world meets Otherworld, we have a definite clash of cultures that is mostly very well depicted.

To backtrack, a long time past, a Bard cast a curse on a Druid, encasing him in stone for a thousand years. The Bard was banished from his land, and the Druid eventually escape. That ancient drama comes back into play in 1980ís Ottawa, as Sara Kendall and her uncle James Tams become involved in strange circumstances when Sara discovers artifacts that had been bequeathed to her uncle several years past.

Add to that a mysterious, and seemingly unethical person who is hunting for the artifacts and for a person named Tom Hengwr.

The book hits on all cylinders in several places, and its magic when it does. However, often enough, it misfires as well. The mix of modern day thugs and ancient magics is jarring, and not always in a good way. The thugs in the story are carbon copies of the thugs depicted in The Little Country. They were not especially interesting in that book, and they certainly are not interesting here. But the heroine, and much of the supporting cast are well drawn, and so are the Otherworld peoples.

A very interesting book for sure, especially in its Otherworld sequences, where there is a dreamy and romantic feel. I am very glad that I read it.

4 out of 5 amulets

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