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Never After by Rebecca Lickiss

Review by Alleandra

The World Standard medieval setting

The Characters There is a Prince, his cousin, 3 wizards, a fairy godmother, lots of bespelled people sleeping, and several princes and princesses

Synopsis Young Prince Althelstan has been ordered to marry only a true princess. The only trouble is, the only princess around is but 2 years old, and Althelstan doesn't want to wait for her to grow up. So he sets out on a quest to see if the rumors of a bespelled castle where a princess waits to be kissed by a prince, are true. He discovers the legend to be true, but slightly misleading: 3 princes are who need to be kissed, not a princess.

Comments This silly, fun book was a great light read. Several different fairy tales are offered up in this screwball story. The ensemble cast are all very amusing, and I especially liked Lady Vevila. Well, I liked them all. This book is reminiscent of Diana Wynne Jones at her best, but I actually enjoyed Rebecca Lickiss' humor even more.

4.5 amulets

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