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The Sorceress & the Cygnet by Patricia McKillip

Review by Alleandra

The World:
Here we visit with the Wayfolk, a traveling people who move from Withy Hold for planting and harvest, and winter in Hunter Hold.

Action also takes place in Ro Holding , a city/country governed by Lauro Ro and the Cygnet.

The Characters:
The Wayfolk are a dark haired, dark eyed people, but Corleu is blond, and can tell amazing tales, including tales of the Holding Signs. Legends of the Cygnet, the Gold King, Dancer and Fire Bear.

We also meet the family of Ro Holding; Lauro and her sorceress daughter Nyx; and her other daughters Iris and Calyx, and their cousin Meguet Vervaine.

The Plot:
Always the Wayfolk travel from Withy Hold to Hunters Hold and back. This year, though, Corleu’s parents break with custom to winter in the Delta area of Ro Hold. On their way, strange happenings occur and only Corleu notices and can help. But in order to help, he must puzzle through a series of riddles, and the answers could wreck havoc in the world. For Corleu unwittingly releases an ancient power.

Before that happens though, he is found by Nyx Ro, who has isolated herself in the Delta to learn more of her sorceress craft. Her family is disgusted by type of sorcery she is learning, but Nyx is a very single minded woman. Her estranged cousin, Meguet Vervaine discovers her with Corleu and learns some of what is taking place. Is Nyx helping Corleu with good intentions, or is she knowingly bringing harm to Ro Holding?

This is not one of Patricia Mckillip’s best works, but it is the book where she introduces readers to Meguet, who is one of her most intriguing characters. All in all 4.25 out of 5 amulets.

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