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Scion's Lady by Rebecca Bradley

Review by Alleandra

Spoilers for Lady in Gil

The World:
The story starts out in the Kingdom of Gil, although Tig & company travel overseas. Gil & and many of the surrounding countries, has not yet recovered from the occupation of the barbaric and sadistic Sheranks.

The Characters:
Once again Tig (Tigrallef) is the narrator. Shree, now his good friend, Chasco another friend accompany Tig. Rinn who is Tig's new bride and her attendants. Angel returns in this story, as does the Primate. The Primate, as head of the Flamens (the Gilish religious order) is really the power in the land.

The Plot:
It is 6 years after his first adventure, and Tig is still very depressed over the loss of his love, Calla, who was destroyed in the cataclysmic events of 6 years prior. Tig, who is no hero, is still Scion of Gil, although it's the Flamens who really run the show. Tig would much rather stay with his books. He has spent the last several years rebuilding the archives in Gil.

Gil is still a ruin, an ugly shadow of its former glory. Since the Lady in Gil was destroyed, there is small hope that the city will make a quick recovery, and of course the Primate blames Tig.

The Primate decides to marry Tig off to the Princess Rinn of Miishel, for Miishel will make a large settlement,, and Gil needs the money. Not everyone is enraptured by the match, including Tig. There seem to be attempts made on Tig's life, both before the marriage and on the voyage to Miishel. Why so much interest in the man who destroyed the Lady?

But was Lady really gone? A power that vast cannot be easily destroyed, as Tig soon finds out. For strange things have been happening to Tig, and he is starting to hear a voice…

This sequel was every bit as fun as the first book. Rebecca Bradley writes with a great deal of dark humor. The one problem with it I cannot reveal, for it's a major spoiler. Suffice it to say, that there is a part that I believed to be a weakness, but despite that, the book is very enjoyable.

4.25 out of 5

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