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Sorcery Rising by Jude Fisher

Review by Alleandra

Book 1 of Foolís Gold

The World:
There are 2 very different cultures portrayed in this world: one is a medieval like world that encompasses elements of Britain and Scandinavia. The other culture is seemingly based on eastern premises of our world. The woman mostly live apart from the men and are covered and veiled. The details on the lives and beliefs of either culture is sketchy at best.

The two differing cultures have been enemies for hundreds of years. We are introduced to a northern family, with the daughter being the main character. She is the typical hoydenish, red haired wild tempered woman that is all too often a character in a novel. The southern noble family has 2 sons, the eldest, spoiled, handsome and pretty evil, the youngest a pale imitation except for the evil part. Then we have the sorcererís apprentice and the mysterious beauty who accompanies him.

The Plot:
It opens up with a youngish apprentice running away from the sanctuary his master has made in the middle of nowhere. The Master has isolated himself from the harsh and cruel world, and is in the process of destroying all knowledge of magic that he has built up over the yearsÖ

The book turns to families from all over coming together for the Allfair, where peace is maintained in the hopes of gaining profits. The Eyran King Ravn, young and handsome, is expected to become betrothed, and most believe heíll pick an Istrian bride. Young Katla Arensen is attending her first Allfair, where she hopes to sell the knives, daggers and swords she is so proficient in creating. Her brotherís hope to make enough money to commission a ship for a western excursion being endorsed by their king. On the other side, Selen Issianís father plans to sell her in marriage to the awful (but very handsome!) Tanto Vingo. Meanwhile, the nomads sell their charms and spells little knowing that they would work to such an extreme. For magic seems to be out of control here, and no know knows why.

This book is full of caricatures, not characters. The plot is a confusion of religious war brewing, an old power awakening, and family feuds. Worst of all, there are clones of the idiot guards in JV Jonesí Book of Words that appear for a short while, with no real rhyme or reason. Avoid it.


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