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The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (Books 1-5)

Review by Alleandra

Book 1 – Storm Front
Book 2 – Fool Moon
Book 3 – Grave Peril
Book 4 – Summer Knight
Book 5 – Death Masks

The series is set in modern Chicago, a Chicago where vampires, demons, werewolves and other things that go bump in the night (and sometimes day) really exist, although the public is mostly unaware. Still, there is enough unexplained weirdness going on for the Chicago PD to have a division dedicated to supernatural occurrences. Cops assigned to this division have screwed up badly somewhere along the way, the assignment is generally considered a career ender (often permanent) and is headed up by the resilient Karrin Murphy. She has seen too much strangeness not to believe in the supernatural, and hires on occasion, the only listed practicing wizard in Chicago: Harry Dresden.

The Dresden Files are told in the first person, and are full of non stop action and sarcastic humor. It’s a wonder Harry survives any of his adventures, as he runs in to trouble from page 1 usually. Although each book is mainly stand alone, certain aspects of the characters and Harry’s past are revealed chronologically, so the books should be read in order.

There are enough colorful, secondary characters to balance out Harry and keep things very entertaining. The plots of each book are fast paced and fun, if somewhat over the top, and each book improves upon the one proceeding. (The exception is book 5, while its very enjoyable, book 4 was my favorite.)

So, of you like a wise-ass hero, a plot filled with a ton of action, a little sex and lots of gore, try this series out.

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