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Titus Groan by Meryvn Peake

Review by Alleandra

I do not even know why I ended up buying this book...however. *s* Anyway, it is hard to have many spoilers, since not much happens...

Anyone here familiar with Charles Dickens' work? He sometimes would make characters do/take really strange, exaggerated actions, and he sometimes describes them in very exaggerated ways. In the novel Nicholas Nickleby, he did this a lot. Sometimes its very funny, other times silly or stupid.

Now picture Dickens doing this at his very worst, and imagine him on a generous supply of drugs, and you have a picture of how Titus Groan reads. If you have no clue what I am talking about, well Titus Groan is very, very weird, and extremely slow moving. Titus is only 1 year old at the end, and is about the only character with whom I had any sympathy.

There were some entertaining moments, but on the whole, I wouldn't be recommending this anytime soon. *g*

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