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The Golden Fool (Book 2 of the Tawny Man Trilogy) by Robin Hobb

Review by Alleandra

This, the second book of the Tawny Man trilogy, suffers a bit from middle book syndrome. Action wise, nothing much happens. Plotwise, we are presented with the continued threat of the Piebald faction, Fitz and the Fool keeping their identities secret and a mystery surrounding the Narcheska and her entourage. I kept waiting for something exciting to happen, but it never came. Certain dangling plotlines are glossed over, but thankfully not forgotten, while less important subplots are expended many pages more than they deserve.

This is not to say that I didn't enjoy the book; I did. Hobb's dialogue kept me happy with the book all on its own. I love Fitz, even when I want to slap him silly. Plus, the ties to the Liveship Traders series grows even stronger in this book, which I like. Still, the book could have been more structurally sound if it had moved along at a quicker pace. The set up for the third book looks very promising, but I firmly believed that more action should have taken place here. The way it's set up is that some action starts in book 1, book 2 has minimal action and book 3 will be overloaded.

The other fault I had with the book was the repetition of items that occurs. Fitz and Chade/Hap/Jinna have virtually the same conversations throughout the book. Didn't they listen to each other in the first place?

But, in the end The Golden Fool is a Robin Hobb book. I love Robin Hobb books, and even with its flaws, this was no exception.

Grade 4.5 out of 5 amulets

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