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The Queen's Necklace by Teresa Edgerton

Review by Alleandra

Epic Fantasy

The world in this story as a whole doesn't have a name, but the various countries were once under the rule of a superior Goblin race; The Maglores. They enslaved humans, with the use of their magicks and specially made ensorcelled gems. The humans were able to overthrow their oppressors, and the one time goblin empire had been broken into many small kingdoms, ruled by humans for the past 1,500 years. During those years, war has become a thing of the past. Each kingdom has been entrusted with one of the Great Goblin Jewels, which are used to aid in that kingdoms peace and prosperity.

The setting of the world is like the mid to late 1700's in Europe. At least, I think that's the time period! The fashionable dress in ornate style, with the use of hair powder, wigs and silk patches on the face. This is a little different from the standard fantasy setting. Unfortunately, much of the dialogue reads like a trite period romance.

The Maglore, thought to have been completely destroyed in the aftermath of the wars that saw the humans overcome their oppressors, have merely gone into hiding. Since they look very human, it was inevitable that they were not wiped out. The descendants of Maglore royalty still exist and ache to return to their glory days. They have a plan to return the rightful Queen to a thrown, and from there, she can start the events for a full takeover. Pitted against the Goblins are a secret magical society, called the Specularii, who are the only group believing in the continued existence of the Maglore, and a myriad cast of human characters who are unknowingly allied with the Specularii. For one of the Great Jewels has been stolen, and it is up to Captain Wilrowan Krogan-Blackheart to try and retrieve it.

The plot sounded exciting, even if it wasn't forging ahead to something new. However, the characters are not very interesting, and a bit too one dimensional, and irritatingly silly, at times. The romance between Wilrowan and his wife is boring and quite unoriginal. The so-called rulers are pretty foolish for allowing certain events to occur. If I could see it coming, why couldn't they? Which leads to the next criticism; the plot is too predictable.

Given the mix of an unspectacular storyline and the equally unspectacular characters, the book had a difficult time holding my interest. Which is not to say it was bad; in fact there are some humorous parts as well as nice descriptions, but it was certainly not a great read.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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