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Transformation by Carol Berg

Review by Alleandra

In this world, the peaceful Ezzarians lived to serve all, although this service was kept secret. The Ezzarian sorcerers were the real kind, not like court magicians, each honing their special gift from a young age in order to best use their skills in their fight.

But Ezzaria was taken over 16 years ago, by a land and power hungry people. The sorcerers were much feared by the Derzhi, and any captured alive were put through a brutal rite in order to strip them of these powers, and are then sold as slaves. Seyonne is one such captured sorcerer, and has been a slave for 16 years. He has served several different masters, some brutal, others less so, before being sold to the young Prince Aleksander, a spoiled man with a very bad temper, who is just shy of reaching his majority.

Aleksander's father, the Emperor Ivan, has embarked on an alliance with the Khelid, a people who had turned over their king to the Derzhi for execution. The high ranking lords of the Khelid seemingly have their own agenda, which is not a peaceful coexistence with the Derzhi. As a scribe, Seyonne hears and sees more than most, and what he discovers is terrifying, the more so because he is powerless both in position and sorcery.

The characters in this book are interesting and colorful. Berg does an excellent job moving the story along using first person. She deftly twists her plot strands, but the end was certainly not as string as I would have liked. Still, a very nice debut novel.

4 out of 5 amulets

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