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The Vampire's Assistant by Darren Shan

Review by Alleandra

The World: Our world, somewhere never specified as names have been changed. The author lives in Limerick, Ireland, so Ireland is as good a guess as any. All identities have been kept secret.

The Characters: Young Darren Shan, still a teenager, Mr. Crepsley and Madam Octa, Evra Von, Mr. Tiny, Sam Grest, others in the Cirque

The Story: The premise of this series is that it is a true story recounted by Darren Shan. He changes everyone’s names to protect them. This book picks up soon after the end of Cirque du Freak.

Darren is now a half-vampire and assistant to Mr. Crepsley, albeit a very reluctant one. He really wants to be a normal boy again and to have his life back, and he hates Mr. Crepsley. Mr. Crepsley decides to rejoin the Cirque so that Darren can at least have some friends his age. But making friends is a risky business anyway, as Darren soon learns, and at the Cirque it can be downright dangerous.

Comments: This sequel is a fun book for those who like the vampire genre. Its quick paced, and exciting at times. It does rehash some clichés, and tosses others out. At times clever, it never reaches the level of say Harry Potter, but its an entertaining read all the same.

Rating: 4.25 amulets

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