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High Wizardry (book 3 of the Young Wizards series) by Diane Duane

Review by Alyachies

Characters: The two books before this one has been told by Nita, although Kit was another main character. In this story Nita still tells part of the story, but the other part is told by her sister, Dairine. Dairine is a wizard on her Ordeal, on which she proves whether or not she can be a wizard. Nita and Kit, her partner in wizardry, have been wizards longer than she has.

Plot: Dairine turns out to have very powerful powers. She leaves for a galaxy far, far away (sound familar?). Ironically, she's searching for Darth Vader. Later, though she finds she has another problem instead. Nita and Kit follow her, to her help her through it. Another fact, that is of importance, is that Dairine has a supercomputer instead of a regular book manual.

My Comment: I liked the book, even though I'm still waiting for a book with Kit telling the story too! Sometimes I blanked out, especially on the computer terms. The relationship between Nita and Kit is getting weird, and its hard to tell what they feel about each other. Sometimes you feel they like each other a lot, sometimes you feel its only one of them. Besides that I enjoyed it. I did wait a long time to finally find it in the libary.

The Rate: 3 1/2 amulet out of 5

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