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Witch Child by Celia Rees

Review by Alyachies

Where: It starts out somewhere in England, I think. They go on a boat for most of the middle of the story. Then they land in Salem (America). After that, they move through the forest for a couple of chapters before ending in a town in the middle of a forest. It's called Beluah, Wife of God. I think it's because Beluah means Wife of God or something. I'm not well versed in religion.

When: It starts out in March 1659, then ends in October 1660. It's the time when many people were hanged for witchcraft, most of them unfairly. That's my guess anyway.

Who: The main character is Mary Newbury (or Nuttall, because that was her grandmother's name). She's left alone after her grandmother is hanged for witchcraft. Afraid that the townspeople will go after her next, she meets a stranger that tells her to go to America as a Puritan girl. She finds out the beautiful stranger's more than a stranger. While on the boat she meets friends. I won't go into specifics. When they (they as in Mary and all the other passengers) land in a America, though, Mary is not rid of her trouble. Instead, they seemed to only have begun. Especially when Mary finds herself seeing the future.

There's a slightly love/crush thing going on with her during the boat trip, but after that, most of the loving/crushing is being done by others. There's a lot of religion here, although I guess it's kind of obvious because of the time period. I'm proud to have thought of that...kind of.

This is a real diary of someone, whose diary was found sown into an old (as you can imagine) quilt. Why it was there is told in the story. This was a story I liked a lot, except for the parts when I got really mad at characters and let my anger out on the table. It's weird how before Mary's grandmother and Mary herself were accused, everyone had been helped by them and liked them for it. But as soon as they were accused, everyone (well, not EVERYONE) seemed to forget all that. It's freaky.

I wonder if her powers were true and everything. I'm kind of suspicious about that. I liked the cover anyway. It's a weird looking, like it's all shadowed but weirdly. I don't know. I can't really explain. I guess it could be for anyone. Well, not too young. Probably a teen book or possibly a children's book. I can't tell an opinion from an adult's view, since I'm not one. And I don't know any adult who've read this book. But it's enjoyable nonetheless. Four out of five amulets. It left too many unanswered questions, in my opinion. I guess, it's because it's a diary. But still...

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