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Someplace to be Flying by Charles De Lint

Review by LiAraKasi

This was our first DeLint book and we read it together on the advice of Jojo. *g* The story takes place in Newford, a fictional Canadian city. Hank and Lily are the two main characters who find out about the mysterious animal people. They stumble in the middle of a conflict and are taken on a wild ride as they discover the secrets of these "animal people". There are many characters and subplots that get woven together and for most of the middle part of the book the story is told by different people than Hank and Lily. The different plots weave together under DeLint's skillful hand and leave you guessing till the end.

There are many memorable characters in this book, Jack and the crow girls ranking high on our list. The book has humour as well as pathos and doesn't overdo either. The book gives a sense of history to the world even though it is fairly short, something which we both loved. It was also very cool having a fantasy in an urban modern day setting, which is rare for the stuff we both read.

Our main objection was that perhaps there were too many coincidences pertaining to characters' identities. But overall this book was really cool and we give it 4.25 amulets.


P.S. The crow girls are the coolest! *g*
P.P.S. I like Jack better. *g*

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