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The Blackgod by J. Gregory Keyes

Review by Caleyna

Spoilers for The Waterborn

After Perkar and his friends save Hezhi from the River, the group settles into a life among the Mang. At first life is peaceful, but when the River is involved nothing can stay peaceful for long.

The River turns a dead man into a life-devouring ghoul intent on one mission: finding Hezhi. In the meantime, the Blackgod comes to Perkar and explains that the death of the River can be achieved if Hezhi is brought to the headwaters.

The Blackgod is full of plot twists and duplicity, strained friendships and moments of heroics. It's a mythical tale of gods and ghosts and the wars that rage between man and nature.

The characters in the book are well-formed and so is the plot. There's only one noticeable flaw--description. Keyes writes very good description, but he tends to go overboard. I found myself often wishing he would hurry up and get on with the plot instead of spending paragraph after paragraph describing something that didn't require more than three sentences of his attention.

I plan on reading more of Keyes works, even though this one took me forever to complete. I'd rate The Blackgod 3.5 out of 5 amulets. It would get a higher score if only the descriptions weren't so boggish. I do see great creative promise from Keyes. I've never read a fantasy series quite like this one before. That's a good thing.

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