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Cradle and All by James Patterson

Review by Caleyna

Since this isn't a fantasy book, I will not follow the normal form. The world is just the world we live in, with plenty of references to current pop culture.

According to the cover there are two virgins, one in Ireland and one in Boston, who are both pregnant. The Catholic church becomes involved, and the main characters of the book (an ex-nun, a priest, and some guy who is something important in the church) are all concerned with investigating these "miracles."

I generally love James Paterson books, and I generally love books that have supernatural elements. For some reason this book really didn't have a lot to offer me, despite my general loves. Sure, I read it non-stop, but I didn't really *enjoy* it like I should.

I think maybe it is b/c I don't have a proper understanding of the Catholic church. All this talk of nuns and virgins and demons and sex and miracles and the apocolypse just didn't do anything for me. I found it very, very difficult to believe in one of the virgin's stories. I kept coming up with possible ways that she could be pregnant while still being "intact."

Also, there was a lot of talk about what it felt like to be a mother and to take care of the unborn child. I have no way at all to empathize with this situation.

I will admit that I really liked the plot twist at the end, though I never really did get into the story. I never felt connected to the characters, and I most definetly never felt scared (though the cover advertised it as being very scary).

Overall, I can only really give this book a 2 out of 5 amulets. I think Paterson needs to go back to what he does best--detective stories--instead of dallying in a Koontzesque world.


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