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Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde

Review by Caleyna

Lost in a Good Book is the eagerly awaited sequel to The Eyre Affair. I didn't buy it right away because I heard it was no where near as funny or well written as the first book, but I have no idea what those reviewers were talking about. I enjoyed this book every bit as much as The Eyre Affair and plan to buy the next book in the series the second it is available.

Once again we meet Thursday Next and once again she lands into all sorts of trouble. She book jumps, time hops, deals with evil and manages to do some good. Pretty good for a petty literary police.

I suppose the problem could be that the original book introduced a crazy world with all sorts of strange quirks--cloned dodos, time travel, literary capers, ect. This book stays in that same crazy world so it is not quite as unexpected as the first. This book serves to deepen the world instead of introduce readers to totally new concepts. In this book poor Thursday's new husband has been destroyed in the time-space-continuum and she's the only one who remembers him. While looking for her husband she finds all sorts of sub-plots and subterfuges, including evidence that her old enemy might not really be gone. She also becomes an apprentice to one very grouchy minor Dickens character who loves to drive fast and demands obedience. Will Thursday Next get her husband back? If not, who is the father of her child? Will she survive her apprenticeship in the world of books? All very confusing in a world that has taken the laws of physics and turned them on their heads.

I loved this volume of the series and think Fforde is fantastic, if not wholly sane. Four out of five amulets.

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