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The Limbreth Gate (book 3 of the Ki and Vandien Quartet) by Megan Lindholm

Review by Caleyna

Ki and Vandien are at it again--finding trouble in all the wrong places. This time it's the usually responsible Ki who finds herself in a world of trouble without even realizing it. There are secrets in her past and they've finally caught up with her, causing her to become the plaything of an inhuman god who cares nothing for mortal creatures.

Along the way we meet more of the sentient creatures that populate the world Lindholm has created, including a fiercesome Brurja who might be the only "person" that has the will to save Ki's shattered mind. We also meet occupants of the world beyond the Limbreth Gate, people who are militant vegitarians and break out in huge blisters when exposed to sunlight.

This book is a pretty good read for fantasy lovers, though it doesn't live up to the promise of a "Robin Hobb" book. It's a nice little adventure story with a few twists and turns. Understanding the plot is dependent upon reading the previous book in the series, which is kind of nice to have some continuity instead of a string of stand-alones. I'd say this book deserves a 3.5 out of 5 amulets. Not a bad book in the least. Well written, tense, fun--yet not a brilliant book either.

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