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Luck of the Wheels (book 4 of the Ki and Vandien Quartet) by Megan Lindholm

Review by Caleyna

Megan Lindholm ends her Ki and Vandien series with a whimper instead of a bang.

Because the two traders have been forced to leave familiar territory with a wagon unsuitable for hauling freight, they are desperate for any sort of job. They break the one cardinal rule: no passengers. The passenger is goat, an extremely odd teenager who acts more like a petulant five year old than a young man on the cusp of adulthood.

Of course, transporting a strange boy to another city doesn't make much of a tale, so Lindholm throws in an evil duke, a snotty girl, a gaggle of rebels and some scary sentient monsters to round out the plot.

All in all the plot isn't bad but it's not that good either. The lead up to the main action takes too long and gets a little tiresome. I was much happier once the action started, and all the elements starting coming together to create a rousing good adventure. Not great adventure. Just good adventure.

As the final book in the series, I was expecting some sort of conclusion. All the books just seemd to be random adventures of Ki and Vandien of the type that could potentially go on forever. There was a slight conclusion, but not enough to say "this series is done". Would I read another book in the series? Yes. Do I want another book in the series? No. I think Megan Lindholm should be laid to rest and not brought out to play. Robin Hobb has far surpassed her predecessor and it would be a shame if she went back to writing Ki and Vandien books. I don't think she has any plans in that direction, so I'm not worried.

The Ki and Vandien series can't live up to the name "Robin Hobb" book, but they are a good, light read for someone with a little time on their hands. There is no problem with the writing style. Lindholm has an excellent command of the English language. The plot is just a little too inexperienced and clumsy to ever rank in the "gotta have it now" category.

Ranking for this book? Three out of five amulets.

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