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Mage Quest by C. Dale Brittain

Review by Caleyna

After reading A Bad Spell in Yurt I decided to test out the next book in the series to see if Brittain was able to improve her writing style. Also, I liked Daimbert even if he was a little dorky, so it was only natural to want to read more about him. I picked up what I thought was the next book in the series, only to discover deep into my read that I had missed the crucial second book and was now reading the third. Really, it didn't matter though. The story is a stand alone.

The male characters from Yurt are back in action, this time going on a quest for various items. The king is searching for a true blue rose, his nephew wants to find out about the murder of his father, the priest is out to find holy items and Daimbert is just along for the ride. The story quickly turns into a series of mysterious problems for the men of Yurt. They're attacked, they find weird happenings at the priest's family home, they are kidnapped by a genie, a sultan tries to kill them, and they are just generally in a lot of trouble.

I wish I could say the plot was exciting, but it was much too confusing to be called exciting. In A Bad Spell in Yurt the main problem was a plot so obvious it was almost painful. Apparently someone told Brittain she should try to avoid such transparency. She took the advice to heart and made the plot so convoluted that it ended up being almost non-sensical. I couldn't make heads or tails out of the final outcome of the book.

I won't be reading another Yurt book in a good long while. Instead of getting better with each book, it appears to be rapidly sinking into a pit of bad writing, bad jokes and bad characters. I'm feeling generous so I'll give the book two out of five amulets.


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