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Snow Glass Apples, a play by Neil Gaiman

Review by Caleyna

I've always thought that listening to a book on tape would be annoying and odd.  Then I discovered Snow Glass Apples, a short play written by Neil Gamain and acted by Bebe Neuwirth.  The description sounded intriguing.  Snow White is a vampire who kills her father.  Her step-mother is a wise Queen and tries to save the forest folk from the evil hunger of the pale, creepy girl.  I had to listen, so I downloaded the play for free from http://www.scifi.com/set/playhouse/snowglassapples/ and prepared to be impressed.

  Impressed I was.  I've never listened to a story like this before, and I'm glad I gave it a shot.  The story would have been creepy even if I'd read it myself, but to listen to Neuwirth give life to the Queen was more enjoyable than I could have imagined.  The play has plenty of sound effects, all perfectly timed and all enough to make your skin crawl.  The voice of Snow White is perfectly pitched innocence, making the story even scarier.

  The story itself is superb in an adult sort of way.  It's very much for grownups, with deviant sex and brutal violence being graphically described.   The story, of course, twists the tale of Snow White that we've all grown up with.  Gaiman does an elegant job of explaining just why Snow White is so pale, why her lips are ruby red, and why a prince could fall in love with a corpse.  I was entranced as I listened to the tale, and left feeling horrified at the inevitable conclusion.

  I'd highly recommend this play to anyone who can handle adult content.  Just don't play it at work or around your children or parents.  I'm told a print edition of the story can be found in Gaiman's short story collection Smoke and Mirrors and there is also a limited edtion special run of the book being published sometime soon.  I'll definetly be buying the short story collection, though I think I'll skip the special edition book.  I don't think I can afford it.  A score?  The score is easy.  I haven't heard anything this good in a long, long time.  Five out of five amulets.

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