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Timeline by Micheal Crichton

Review by Caleyna

As expected with Crichton, the book is very realistic feeling, with complex scientific explanations and interesting historical notes (you wouldn't believe the bibliography in this book!). He really makes you believe that universe jumping is possible and that soon the world as we know it will dramatically change.

The action is a thrill a minute, quickly jumping from one character's jam to another. At times the plot becomes strained, and I found hard to believe that the main characters are able to get out of so many predictiments in the space of a few hours--especially when they are portrayed as inexperienced and weak. Because of this, I would only give the book a 3 out of five. I know MC can write better than this. He's proven it in his other books.

The ending was satisfying, yet most of it was rather predictable. There was a nice little twist at the very end, but by the time I got there I didn't even care anymore.

Overall, I'd say it is a book worth reading, though I would wait for the paperback or just check it out from the library. It is not an expample of MC's best work, even though the theory of the mulitverse is totally and completely fascinating to me now (even though it DOES give me a huge headache).

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