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The Iron Ring by Lloyd Alexander

Review by Caleyna

This is a classic children's book with everything a child wants--talking animals, an excess of royalty, and a spunky heroine.

The World
The action takes place in ancient India. Alexandar stated he was interested in the mythos and magic of India, so this book reflects many of the legends and mythic creatures found throughout Indian literature. Though it takes place on earth, expect lots of magic.

The Characters
A young king who values honor above all else, an old man whose wisdom keeps the king in line, a young girl who keeps them alive with her practicality, a mysterious evil guy who steals the king's freedom, and a menagerie of royal animals.

The Plot
A king gambles away his freedom in a dice game gone wrong. He sets out on a journey to either die or regain his freedom. Along the way he gathers up several new friends who help him fight for justice in many different capacities. And, of course, we can't forget the love element. It's there. Never fear.

T his is a delightful read for young people and adults alike. I wouldn't rush out and get it, but if you happen to pick it up it will be worth your while. I did find it irritating that every person/animal that was introduced just happened to be the prince or king or whatnot of something. I guess that is sort of a requirement for this type of book though, since it is supposed to be about all the myths and legends of India.

The Grade
I think I'll go for a four out of five amulets. As a kid's book I'd give it a five out of five, but as a "whole person" book it just gets a four.


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