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The Second Sons Trilogy by Jennifer Fallon

Review by Caleyna 2004-12-21

The Lion of Senet
The Eye of the Labyrinth
Lord of the Shadows

This series creates a mass of conflicting feelings for me. I want to reach through the pages and shake Jennifer Fallon for writing such a contrived plot, yet I simply Can't. Stop. Reading. It's as addictive as Never Fail Fudge, and just as cheap. Is that a good thing?

This is an epic story about a group of young people who hold the future of their world in their hands. Cliché? Of course. There's no hay seed farm boy, but there is a backwater physician's apprentice who just happens to be the smartest person of his generation. There's a cold blooded whore, a warrior who thinks he's noble and a princess who must have nerves of steel.

The world is an interesting one. There are two suns and when the second sun goes into shadow a devious priestess is able to use astronomy to sway the whole world to her religion. Unfortunately her religion involves savage murder and disgusting copulation.

I will admit it is an interesting concept and I think Fallon was on to something with her plot. She worked a little too hard to make everything fall into place, though. Things happen too easily and with too much obviousness. It's annoying, even if it is a fun read.

I was also extremely annoyed by the names used in this book. I don't mind names that follow a certain historical period. That's common in fantasy novels and it works. However, she just mixes and matches names with no thought given to the linguistic integrity of her words. Orlando and Johan mix with ease. Call me picky, but it drove me crazy.

The final word? If you want a really light, fun, easy read this is for you. If you get annoyed by first time writers who don't really know how to build conflict or use subtlety to build their story, then you probably want to skip this one.

3 out of 5 amulets.

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