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The Vistor by Sheri S. Tepper

Review by Caleyna 2004-02-25

Sheri S. Tepper is always an author that I hesitate to read. She tends to club readers over the head with messages she thinks we need to hear, which irritates me greatly. So why do I keep reading her books?

She's simply an amazing writer. Her worlds and characters are extremely well developed. Her descriptions are lush. Her imagination is beyond compare. I'd hate to have that woman's nightmares.

The Visitor is one of Tepper's better stories, though it is loaded down with her usual messages. She takes a giant swipe at religion in general and Christianaity in particular, along with anti-abortionists. And, of course, enviromental concerns are inherent in her work.

The world is something we've all thought about thanks to movies like Deep Impact and Armegeddon. Most of the story is set a thousand years after an astroid has hit the earth. Bands of survivors have created new societies, all very different from the our current society.

One society in particluar is totally corrupt. A visitor has come with a plan to end the corruptness, but the visitor needs help from the humans who currently inhabit the earth.

A strong cast of characters carefully navigate a dangerous world full of intrigue. The premise is an interesting one and is well presented. Other than about 40 pages of preachy, Tepper manages to keep her themes subtle.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone who isn't overly offended by Christian bashing.

4 out of 5 amulets.

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