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Beowulf (A New Translation)) by Seamus Heaney

Review by Davos

Well, as I read the old translation in high school, I can't really compare (don't remember much about high school) but I cna say that it was a very good read, interesting to see the actual old english and "new" english alongside eash other (on oposite pages)

I think the best thing about it is that you forget you are reading a poem, even though you still read it in the meter and all. It flows and reads like a poem yet the story comes across very well. My biggest joy was actually in reading the prologue section adn the notes on names. I highly recomend it for those of you looking for a little change of pace with something that you can read in a week or less (10 pages a night).
For those of you unfamilar with the poem I say read these sections after you read the poem, they contain spoilers.

Okay so maybe I am not that good of a review writer...

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