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Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay

Review by Gaidal Cain

WARNING!! Contains Major Spoilers!

What a damn good book, very highly reccommended by me. I did think the ending was a little not what I was expecting, but not totally off the wall. I should have seen the Rhun=Valentin thing a long time ago, but I never really thought about it, I guess. *g* A few things disappointed me...

1) I knew Catriana and Devin weren't going to get together by the way the book started out, but I wanted them to, nontheless. *g* I'm glad they did mend their friendship, at least, and Catriana did get to be rather enjoyable to read about towards the end (thought she was a little bitchy through most of the book, but she had a good reason)

2) Man, oh, man, did I ever want to see Baerd and Dianora reunite.. I was looking forward to that the entire book, and it didn't happen!!! I guess it wasn't meant to be, but I longed for it nontheless.. I guess Baerd finds happiness with whatever her name was, but I still wished the ending was happier for Dianora.. Just kinda sad, I think...

3) I felt guilty for liking Brandin. *g* I guess that was the point, but I felt like Dianora in many ways.. How bout them riskella?

4) I thought it would have been better and more poignant if Alessan & Co. had known that Rhun was Valentin... It just seemed kinda off from the poetic struggle for freedom and all that for Brandin to just die by some fool's hand.. I think Alessan will probably be angry his entire life for that. *g*

There could be a few more complaints here and there (ooh! anyone else think that whole Ember Night scene where Baerd was fighting with all those guys kinda odd, and a bit of a departure from the direction and tone of the book?). Anyway, I loved this book. *g* I hope Kay's others are just as good and enjoyable. Next up on the reading list are Tad William's Memory Sorrow and Thorn and another book that is of yet, nameless (*g*@Lee). I have a copy of Gibson's Neuromancer sitting around somewhere too, so I might polish that off between now and Christmas. *g* Anyway, thought I'd let you guys in on some of my thoughts on Tigana, considering I finally finished.

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