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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Review by Janalei

bear with me, this is my first time writing one of these. :-)

The World

Scotland, 1743. The Highland Clans still hold power, but are living rather under the thumb of the English crown. Loyalties are divided between the rightful King of England, and Bonny Prince Charlie, the Pretender (um, history buffs help me out here? *s*).

The Characters

Claire Randall--born 1918. A British World War II nurse. While on a second honeymoon with her husband after the war, mysterious forces hurl her back nearly 200 years to a Scotland she barely recognizes. James Fraser--the young Scottish warrior she meets there. Jonathon Randall--villanous lookalike ancestor of Claire's beloved husband Frank.

The Plot

Marked by her accent as a Sassenach (outlander), Claire is mistrusted by the band of Scottish clansmen she meets up with. Suspected to be a British spy, she awaits the opportunity to escape her not-quite-captors and find her way back to the stone circle that brought her here. However, her determination to return to Frank is shaken by her growing acquaintance with the lad Jamie.

The Grade

Although I found the first 150 pages or so a bit slow moving, once this book picked up I found myself continuously immersed in the plot. Very much adventure and romance going on. The love scenes crop up quite often, so if you aren't thrilled with those you should probably skip it. It also tends to get quite graphic in describing injuries and such, which rather makes me cringe. Overall I loved it, and would recommend it to most of the females, but I'm not certain how the male population would react to its romancey side. *s* 4 out of 5 amulets.

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