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The Sandman Library by Neil Gaiman

Review by Jenn

The Sandman Library consists of ten volumes, each of which is comprised of different stories/chapters/issues/whatever you want to call them. Let me say that I am glad this has been out for quite some time, because I don't think I would've been able to handle the wait between each comic release.

vol.1 - Preludes & Nocturnes
vol.2 - The Doll's house
vol.3 - Dream Country
vol.4 - Season of Mists
vol.5 - A Game of You
vol.6 - Fables & Reflections
vol.7 - Brief Lives
vol.8 - World's End
vol.9 - The Kindly Ones
vol.10 - The Wake

Whew! There they are, the lovely, precious Sandman graphic novels. I love them sooo much! Neil Gaiman is so awesome; his writing and his stories are incredible. At the center of this collection is Morpheus, the Dream king, Dreamlord, one of the Endless. His siblings are Destiny (the oldest), Death (Dream's awesome big sister), Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium.

I really don't know how to begin to describe this. It's a mix of creepiness and fantastical elements. Old gods, legends, myths can be found in this series. Throughout it is Dream and his own story. I'm infatuated with this character. *l* Hmmm, let me type a quote from the introduction to The Wake. It's from Mikal Gilmore:

Speaking about myth and comic book narratives...
But with Sandman, Gaiman aimed to use a comics-based mythos to expand on, interact with, and deepen classical legends of mythology and popular history. On one hand, this approach might seem like merely another clever postmodern ruse, taking old Greek and Norse myths, European and Asian and Islamic folk tales, plus scenarios from Dante, Blake, Milton and Dore, and mixing them with 20th century comics and horror elements. Still, Gaiman made it all work, and on his own terms. His tales of the Endless [...] resounded as works of both grand invention and wondrous apocrypha. Which is to say, sure, you could see the modern-day sensibility in it all - the fun subterfuge of deities and comics characters sharing the same space, the same dilemmas. At the same time, it was as if you had discovered a timeless trove of fascinating lost legends and mysteries [...]

There, that describes is very well. *g*

I have to mention the art. It's wonderful! I especially like Charles Vess; he has so much detail! The art in The Wake is fantastic.

And now I'm finished reading it. *sigh* Of course, there will be rereads, but it's never like the first time, you know?

5 out of 5 amulets.

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