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Alien Earth by Megan Lindholm

Review by Jojo

Megan Lindholm’s second book (published as her third, but her two were really one, split up in publication) is a science fiction, where we find ourselves aboard a somewhat sentient craft known as a Beastship (sound vaguely familiar?). The idea is neat--the Beast part of the Beastship is an organic (huge) lifeform, with a gondola attached to its body. The Beastships are run and controlled by Anthroplana, aliens that came to earth during its last days and saved humankind by means of a mass evacuation. Now, humans exist on two planets, under severe restrictions and regulations. Through willing mutations, the life cycle of humans is vastly different than it was prior to the evacuation.

The vast majority of this book takes place upon the Beastship Evangeline, centered around John Gen-93-Beta, the captain of the ship; Tuk, Evangeline’s Anthroplana; Connie, the crew of the Beastship; and Raef, believed to be the oldest living human.

John is blackmailed into a mission that soon reveals plot upon plot, shows us the characters true colors, and sheds light on the real nature of the Beastships. (Again, sound familiar?)

All in all, I really enjoyed this book. I love Megan’s writing, no matter which name she’s writing under. That said, it’s easy to see that this was an earlier book of hers, and now and again I kept thinking, “A SF version of LiveShips.” Clearly, the idea of sentient ships was an idea she really enjoyed playing with. :)

Four out of five amulets.

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